Telnet-Rx Remote Solutions is an pharmacy remote medication order verification service that provides a cost-effective option to facilities that are unable to operate a 24-hour pharmacy. The current Joint Commission standard MM 4.10 as well as CMS requires "All medication orders must be reviewed for appropriateness by a Pharmacist prior to administration to the patient." The Elements of performance for this standard state that in cases where the pharmacy is not open 24 hours, ' a healthcare professional determined to be qualified by the hospital reviews the medication order in the pharmacist's absence". For most hospitals, this is the nursing supervisor.

In addition, Joint Commission's standard MM. 4.50 states that the hospital "has a system for safely providing medications to meet patient needs". The Element of Performance for this standard states that the facility's chosen personnel for after-hours review must be "trained, designated nurses".

Based on recently proposed changes to the standards, the Joint Commission is moving toward a higher level of accountability for hospitals. Some facilities have already been cited because they have not demonstrated that their chosen after-hour healthcare professional has an "acceptable" level of qualifications.

About Our Remote Order Verification Services

  • Review of medication orders
  • Verify for allergies, duplication, interactions, contraindications
  • Provide drug information to nurses and physicians
  • Clarification of orders for appropriateness
  • Provide drug dosing/monitoring, pharmacokinetic, and clinical interventions
  • Reporting of drug variances
  • Reporting of daily shift review and materials to follow up for the next shift