Due to standards requiring Pharmacists to review all medication orders prior to administration of medications to the patient enforced by CMS and Joint Commission; many health care organizations have limited options to resolve this issue. Telnet-Rx Remote Solution provides our clients an affordable option to meet compliance and improve patient safety by having a Pharmacist available to review all medication orders 24/7. Telnet-Rx offers both on-site pharmacist staffing support in partnership with Advance Rx Resources Registry services as well as off-site remote order entry with our Remote Solution services.

Telnet-Rx is committed to providing our clients with pharmacy services at the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Our pharmacists have extensive experience with in-patient hospital pharmacy services such as medication dosing/ monitoring, pharmacokinetic, and clinical interventions.

Telnet-Rx enables our clients to meet CMS, Joint Comission Medication Management Standards, as well as supporting Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) by reducing the occurrence of medication errors.

By having a seamless operation in conjunction with EMAR, automation dispensing cabinets, bar coding; Telnet-Rx services will improve pharmacy work flow as well as reduce operation/labor costs for all of our clients.

Remote Pharmacy Services Benefits

  • Cost-effective Solution to facilities that are unable to operate a 24-hour pharmacy
  • Meets Joint Commission MM 8.10, 4.10, and 4.50 Standards
  • Meeting CMS Compliance
  • Compliments EMAR, Bar Coding, CPOE technology
  • Supported by Institute of Safe Medication Practice (ISMP)
  • Relieves evening nursing supervisor of playing pharmacist and handling other issues
  • Improves patient safety and continuity of patient care
  • Improves use of automation by reducing overrides
  • Reduces medication errors
  • Improves work flow productivity